Welcome to Semester Two Book Project Wikispaces


Directions for putting a review on to the Library Catalog: -- Additional direction-- you will need to see me to get your password correctly entered into the catalog system. This only take a minute but must be done for you to complete this option.

Your pixton accounts are still operational.
To make an Animoto account with an education code: a4emlna7678af
Other tools-- like Prezi and xtranormal don't need any education code from me.
Sign up for your Glogster Edu account in class.

Book Project Part One: Read the book and participate in online discussions with your group.

Introduction Posting: Due Thursday, January 12th by 11:59 pm
Using the book wikispaces page: http://booksspring12wh.wikispaces.com/
  1. Find your book title’s page and click on it.
  2. Click on “Discussion”
  3. Click on “Introductions”
  4. Introduce yourself: tell your reading group who you are, why you chose to read this book title, and what your first impressions are, based on the cover.
  5. Point value: 10 points

Begin reading your book.
  • By January 24th, you need to be ¼ of the way through the book
  • By February 7th, you need to be ½ of the way through the book
  • By February 21st, you need to be ¾ of the way through the book
  • By March 6th, you need to be done with the book

Participate in the book discussion.
  1. As you read the book, you will use your note-taking sheet (see attached).
  2. By the posting due dates (see below), you will need to post approximately 150 words or more, with your insights, impressions, and ideas as you are reading. (10 points each deadline)
  3. By the replying due dates (see below), you will need to comment on at least one posting in approximately 100 words or more. (10 points each deadline)
  4. You will need to hand in your note-taking sheets as detailed on the due dates below. (5 points each deadline)

#1 (no later than)
#2 (no later than)
#3 (no later than)
#4 (no later than)
Post (10 points)
Tues, Jan 24
Tues, Feb 7
Tues, Feb 21
Tues, Mar 6
Reply (10 points)
Thurs, Jan 26
Thurs, Feb 9
Thurs, Feb 23
Thur, Mar 8
Note sheet (5 points)
Mon, Jan 30
Mon, Feb 13
Mon, Feb 27
Fri, Mar 9

After Spring Break (March 9-18), you will receive the second set of directions for this project.

All points will be entered in to your project category.

Any assignments completed after the deadlines will be considered late and will only count for ½ credit.

Total points available = 110